The carefree moves of a Rome man are moving thousands. He was caught dancing like no one was watching, but someone was and now it's going viral.

Lauren Boncella was on her way home from work and stopped at the Price Chopper in Rome. "When I pulled in, I saw this guy dancing and pulled over to record him."

The man with the moves is rumored to be Raven Buchwald, who works at the Price Chopper and must have been on his break. I don't know what he was listening to but it must have had a catchy beat.

"I love there are people in this world that don’t take life seriously all the time," says Boncella. "I just wish I had my 2 year old with me. He would’ve gotten a kick out of him and probably started dancing too."

You rock Raven. We all should enjoy life and dance like no one is watching!


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