A Rome man is accused of cooking and eating what looked like a dog. Police are investigating and testing is being done.

Melody Mae Kiley noticed her neighbor cooking something in his yard when she looked out her window. "They were using a propane tank and like a welding hose to burn off all the fur," said Kiley who grabbed her phone to shoot video while she confronted the neighbor. "You know that's illegal in the United States," Kiley asked the man who can be heard saying 'no' in the video.

When Kiley asked where the animal came from, the man's answer is hard to understand. She called the Rome Police Department to file an animal complaint. "When they got there the neighbors were already eating the animal," said Kiley.

Officers responded to the home on Third Street Wednesday, January 13th. "Upon arrival, officers spoke with the resident who appeared to be cooking a canine carcass on a makeshift grill," Rome Police and Animal Control said in a joint press release. "The resident was cooperative and told officers the animal was a coyote."

Due to the condition of the animal, officers couldn't confirm whether the animal was a coyote or a domestic dog.

Animal Control was notified and seized the animal that was turned over the the SPCA. It was then taken to Cornell University to undergo testing in an attempt to confirm the species of the animal."

A search of lost dogs in the area over the past year found no domestic dogs that matched the approximate size and weight of the animal taken from the home.

"The smell outside was so overwhelmed, and lasted hours," said Kiley.

The investigation is continuing and charges are pending the result of Cornell University’s testing.
The video is graphic and contains coarse language. You can see it on Kiley's Facebook page.

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