Valerie Finley of Rome lost her father 5 years ago. For her birthday she was sent a bear with her father's voice. But when she got home it wasn't there. "I got the notification that it was delivered but when I got home I couldn't find it," said Finley. "I was so upset."

Finley knows someone that works in the Rome UPS warehouse and made a call. "She gave me a number to call and the guy (John) that answered was beyond busy but took the time to help me. He said he'd call the driver who delivered the package and get back to me."

Turns out the the driver, who's name is Adam Bull, hid the special gift in a crate on Finley's porch so no one would steal it. "This gift was everything to me. I'm so grateful the driver took the time to hide the gift and make sure I got it. It made my Birthday better than its been in 5 years. Now I can hug my dad again and hear his voice."

Delivery drivers are busier than ever this year with more people shopping online due to the coronavirus pandemic. But some still take time to go the extra mile.

One driver even cleared snow for a package after winter storm Gail.

Photo Credit - Kate Scott
Photo Credit - Kate Scott

We thank all the drivers working overtime to make sure all our holiday packages arrive in time for Christmas.

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