On Halloween, Rome resident Jeni Seavert left a bowl of candy out for trick or treaters. That bowl was stolen, and has a lot of sentimental value.

Jeni posted the plea on the People and Places of Rome Facebook group:

This bowl was stolen off my porch. If your kid comes home with it, I’d like it back! I know the chances are slim to nil, but it’s worth the shot."

Jeni's home is on West Dominick Street, right near Gansevoort. The bowl was in a giant box of Halloween decor that her Mother gave her when she cleaned out some from her house a few years ago. The bowl has sentimental value, as it's a connection to her Mother whose still alive.

I left my house around six to take my kids trick or treating. We came home around 7:30 and it was gone."

Do you know any kids who were trick or treating in that window of time, in this area of Rome?

Jeni Seavert
Jeni Seavert

Some were commenting on the post explaining to Jeni to not even give out candy next year:

Shaun DePasquale: "I hope next year you just turn your light off and don't give out candy to the ungrateful neighborhood"

Saida Arianna: "I just want to go grab my bowl off the porch and realize that someone also stole mine !! definitely won't be sharing the spirit next year."

Ann Marie Lohr: "Hoping that the person does the right thing and returns it."

We don't think this will stop Jeni from celebrating next year. She's truly just looking for a family heirloom back. If you have any info, you can contact her on Facebook.

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