If you were watching the Travel Channel, you may have seen Utica make an appearance on ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern’ highlighting greens, chicken riggies, and pusties. While the show mentioned the region, it seemed Rome was ignored.

Brian Kelley voiced his opinion on the People and Places of Rome Facebook Group:

I was psyched to see that Andrew Zimmern was doing a show on the Erie Canal on the Travel Channel ..but not surprisingly...NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION OF ROME... not even in passing. Went from a 5-10 min segment in Utica and skipped straight to Caz. and Oneida lake."


In the show’s episode description they say Zimmerman was in the area to “Chow[s] down on tomato pie, juicy roast beef sandwiches, chicken rigatoni and fish pulled fresh from Oneida Lake.” They spotlighted Greens Morrelle from Chesterfield’s and Pusties from Caruso’s Pastry Shoppe. The segment about the Canal was not the point of the episode, but many are upset.

Allan Darling writes "We are even mentioned in the song too " we will head for Rome at 6 O'clock." Francine Loparco writes "What a shame, the digging of the Erie Canal started in Rome."

Carol Nettleton brings up a valid point, voice your opinions to Travel Channel directly: "Instead of voicing complaints on Facebook write to Andrew Zimern and tell him he skipped the most important region of the Erie Canal from Rome to Boonville, highest elevation climb most locks etc... Give him a reason to do a second show..."

Do you feel Rome got the shaft?



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