Meredith Prince from Rochester New York, is only 24 years old and weighed over 300 pounds. That was before she was chosen to be on ABC's 'Extreme Weight Loss.'  The 2 hour show features the year long journey of people losing weight, and Meredith had a lot of weight to lose.  She even tattooed her goal weight on her stomach.

In addition to her weight, Meredith had a lot of emotionally baggage to lose.  She was adopted as a child and always felt unloved and unwanted.  Through her journey she not only lost weight, a LOT of weight, but learned to love herself and allow others to love her too.

The transformation was mind blowing and she hit her goal weight of 155!


Her trainer Chris Powell was the man who helped Meredith make such an amazing transformation, inside and out.




In addition to losing over 150 pounds, Meredith also ran a 26 mile marathon six months into her weight loss journey, with a broken toe!  Her family was there to support her and mom and dad even ran a mile with her.  What an inspirational story!


Watch a promo below or you can see Meredith's journey in the full episode at ABC.