A true miracle occurred at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester this past weekend. Chris Muchard told the Democrat & Chronicle, "I've always wanted to come home to a house full of kids. Now I get to do that, all in one shot." His wife Katie gave birth to quadruplets on Saturday, November 7th.

They found out they were going to be parents on Mother's Day of this year, but the three boys and one girl decided they were ready to enter the world a little early. According to the Democrat & Chronicle article,

The quadruplets arrived starting at 8:09 a.m. Saturday at Strong Memorial Hospital, delivered via Caesarean section at 29 weeks and five days, weighing between 2 pounds and 3 pounds, 10 ounces. All four were in the neonatal intensive care unit Sunday; the littlest of the group, Lillian and Mason, were breathing on their own. The foursome should head home sometime in January.

Statistics show that with births like this, it is very common for the babies to be delivered early, after all that's a lot of weight for mommy to carry. The concern of course is that they are not ready to be in the outside world yet. Strong Memorial is one of the best hospitals in the state to handle cases like this and the outcome for all four looks promising. Pretty soon the "wolf-pack," as Chris describes them, will be heading home. Welcome to the world Brian Thomas, Lillian Amie, Owen Christopher and Mason Kenneth and congrats and good luck to Chris and Katie!

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