Thanks to Ryan Sims for joining Luke Austin is studio and sharing a couple of his songs from his upcoming album 'My Side of the Story.' Here's more about the singer/songwriter from Arizona.

Ryan Sims visited the Big Frog 104 studios on Thursday and shared a couple of his new songs with Luke Austin, including 'American Things,' and 'Get Away.'

He also gave us a look into how he came up with those songs.

Take a listen to both of the songs Sims played for Big Frog 104 and find out where the ideas come from.

We heard 'American Things' first, and Sims said afterward that he had been in Los Angeles for a while and he felt the attitude out there was a little too down on the U.S., so he decided to write a song about the things he personally loves about the U.S.A.

That idea turned into 'American Things' and a trip down Historic Route 66 for the song's video. Watch the video for 'American Things' above and take notice at about the 3:06 mark as the Cowboy riding the bull actually shoots the balloon out of Ryan's mouth! He said he had no idea that was coming!

The next song Ryan played for us was 'Get Away.' He went on to say that the song and much of 'My Side of the Story' album was written after he discovered his girl was cheating on him with a close friend.

That'll make for an epic country song every time. Especially when written by a talented guy with a voice like Ryan's.

"It's like the perfect revenge," Sims said.

You can check out more of Ryan's music on his YouTube channel, on Twitter, or on his website





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