A night can certainly turn crazy after a few drinks, and last weekend before his set on the Verona stop of the Stay Country Tour, Travis Denning spilled some details about one of those nights.

“I played a radio show in Madison, Wisconsin one time and Riley Green was on it, who’s a great friend of mine," Denning said. "We definitely went way fast a few and got pretty turnt at this bar. Mitchell Tenpenny was there as well; he got on stage with the band and sang, and me and Riley just danced and had fun. [Riley] picked me up during Shania Twain—they were doing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”—and he was holding me, like cradling me, and he slipped and I mean, full-force fell on top of me. He was standing up and then a second later, he wasn’t.” 

Picture that scene next time you hear "After a Few."

Denning also gave us the full story behind his first single, "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs." To him, it's more than just about using a fake ID; it's about the nostalgia we feel looking back at the things that were so important to us as young adults.

Thosare times that can easily get away from people, I think, when they get into work and life and kids and stuff like that," Denning said. "I try to just remember those little things. I’ve always been a kind of stop and smell the roses guy. That’s why I love that song and I wanted it to be my first single because something as stupid and as simple as just getting into a bar at 20 years old meant the world to me then and it’s still fun to think about now.”

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Possibly the best part is the fact that the details of the song are real. David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs is a real person, and Denning said that after he released the song, Parker's fiancee Facebook messaged him. You can even spot Parker as the liquor store attendant in the music video for the song written about his ID.

Denning released his latest song, "ABBY," on February 14 as an anti-Valentine's Day anthem about breaking up to be with "Any Body But You." As for the future, he said if he were to collaborate with anyone, he'd love to do a CMT Crossroads with the heavy metal band Lamb of God.

“I told [CMT], it’d probably be your worst-rated Crossroads ever, but people would talk about it.” 

You can catch the full interview with Denning here.

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