This year's senior shirts at Richfield Springs are being remade after one mom claims her daughter's name was left off.

Cheryl Teeter says she was told her daughter's name wasn't include because she didn't want to purchase one. "The class adviser stated if she doesn't want to buy a shirt then why should her name be on it. Not only did she make this comment but, it was made in front of other students," Teeter writes on Facebook. "My daughter is a senior and should be included no matter what."

Teeter says she was told her daughter and 2 other students being left off the shirt was an oversight. "This was not a simple mistake," writes Teeter. "This was intentionally done and both senior class advisers should be ashamed of themselves."

All senior names will now be included on this year's shrits. "After a few phone calls to the school and my daughter having a meeting with the Superintendent, he reassured her the shirts would be reprinted and corrected," says Teeter.


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