Protecting our healthcare workers is paramount in the fight against COVID-19. A retired husband is helping protect his wife and her co-workers at one central New York nursing home.

At the Eastern Star Home in Oriskany New York, Gary Eckerson, a husband of the Administrative Assistant, is volunteering to make face shields, with a template from MVHS.

Photo Credit - Cindy Eckerson
Photo Credit - Cindy Eckerson

Gary, who is retired, is always ready, willing and able to step up when help is needed. "It also gives him something to keep him busy during this social distancing due to COVID-19," says his wife Cindy.

"Creativity and solidarity has always been in the DNA of the family and friends at the Eastern Star Home", says Karen Zick, RN, Director of Nursing. "This is absolute positive proof once again, that today will be no different. Together is the only way Eastern Star works. Kudos and much thanks to Gary."

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