You and some buddies get away for a weekend of hunting and you bag the trophy. You can't wait to get home and show everyone. Hang on if you got it outside of New York, the Department of Environmental Conservation has restrictions on what you can bring into the state.

In the ongoing battle against Chronic Wasting Disease, the DEC has import restrictions on animals taken in many states and Canadian Provinces, including nearby Pennsylvania. The areas in orange on the map below show the restricted areas.

Prohibited Deer States

You can bring some parts into the state, like these:

  • Meat (without backbone)
    Cleaned hide and cape
    Skull plate and/or antlers cleaned of all meat and brain tissue
    Upper canine teeth
    Finished taxidermy mounts, tanned hides

The following is what's prohibited:

  • Head
    Lymph nodes in the neck
    Spinal Cord/Backbone
    Intestinal Tract

Proper tagging is required when bringing deer, elk and moose carcasses and parts into the state too.  The tag must include the Species of animal, the state or province it was taken in and the name and address of who took the animal.

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