What a novel idea. No cell phones while you dine. You actually have to talk to each other over a meal.

Tad & I discovered the 'no cell phones in the dining room' rule while at a restaurant in Vermont. It's amazing the things you find to talk about when there's no technology to entertain yourself. It's also nice not to be disturbed by that loud talker at the next table who insists on taking calls in the restaurant.

I only went to grab the phone from my pocket once when I wanted to look up something. I did use it to take a picture of the BEST strawberry cobbler I've ever eaten. But it was at the end of the meal and doesn't count right?


The policy is one more restaurants should think about implementing. There is one place in central New York phones aren't allowed. At Wakely's on Varick Street you can't use your cell phone at the table. There's a phone booth you can use if you have to make or take a call. That way you don't disturb the other customers. GENIUS!

By the way, if you're ever in Woodstock, Vermont be sure to stop into The Prince and the Pauper. The food is amazing and you'll enjoy a cell phone free meal.


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