Residents are warned after coyotes killed two dogs in Marcy.

It's coyote season and several have been seen in central New York. "Coyote's (7 - 10) are in the Glass Factory/Morgan Roads and have already killed two dogs," warned the Town of Marcy on Facebook. "Do not let your dogs out unless you are with them."

The NY DEC has been contacted about the coyote killings.

It's coyote mating season and sightings in central New York aren't unusual. They've been around for years and sometimes can get aggressive. Sal Bellone had a scary encounter in Wolcott, New York. "A coyote tried running in my house. It attacked my dogs and bit my mom."

Photo Credit - Sal Bellone

Bellone's dad killed the animal that ended up testing positive for rabies. "My mother went to the hospital and was treated for rabies. My dogs went to the vet and were given booster shots."

Photo Credit - Sal Bellone

There are an estimated 30,000 coyotes living in and around Upstate New York. The DEC says coyotes seldom act aggressively towards people. "However dogs and cats attract coyotes. Do not allow pets to run free. Supervise all outdoor pets to keep them safe from coyotes and other wildlife, especially at sunset and at night."

Coyote hunting season runs until March 31 in New York with no bag limits. A hunting or trapping license is required. Learn more on hunting and trapping coyotes in New York state at

Photo Credit - DEC