Going forward: when friends and family call you a redneck fisherman, take it as a compliment. A lot of redneck fishing tips and tricks are actually genius. Here's a few from across the web that are some of the best redneck fishing ideas ever.

1) How To Keep Your Fishing Hooks Organized Like A Redneck

Use a safety pin to keep all of your hooks in one place. It helps keep them super organized, and it seems to make everything flow nicely in the tackle box.


2) How To Have A Slide Bobber Like A Redneck

You're able to use wine corks as slide bobbers on your fishing line. Seriously, don't throw those away. You can also use a ear plug too.


3) How To Use A Redneck Hook

Let's face it... You may have a lot to drink when you're fishing... we mean a lot of soda. You may have a lot of empty cans and you can actually use the can tab as a hook.



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