Real colored Christmas trees are coming back this season at two central New York Christmas tree farms and already taking orders for the holiday season.

Colored Christmas trees were the hot new trend last season. Henderberg's and Romagnoli's Christmas Tree Farms both sold out in early November. This year, Romagnoli's on Oneida Valley Road in Canastota is getting a head start on Christmas, letting you choose your colored tree now and pick it up later, in time for the holidays. "Dewey Romagnoli has been out painting trees already. There's 50 done already."

Call 315-697-9498 to make an appointment to choose your tree and paint color options; Sugar Plum Purple, Bubblegum Pink, Turquoise, Magenta, Midnight Blue, Holly Berry Red, Snowfall White, Frosted Snowflake, Baby Blue. A $30 non-refundable painted tree deposit is required. You can also visit Romagnoli's Christmas Tree Farm on Facebook for more details.

Photo Credit: Romagnoli's Christmas Tree Farm

Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm in Rome is also bringing back the colored trees with 7 colors to choose from, all treated with a non-toxic colorant that won't come off. "If you just put paint on it, it's terrible for the tree, the environment, the home and pets," says Joshua Brodnicki of Henderberg's.

You can choose from Red, Turquoise, Pink, Magenta, White, Light Blue, and Purple at the farm on Henderberg Rd South in Rome. Henderberg's doesn't open until Black Friday. Get more information at Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm's website or on their Facebook page.

By the way, if you want to enjoy your colored tree longer Joshua suggests using warm water the first time you get it home. "Using warm tap water will loosen up all the sap at the bottom and then all the water will soak up through."

It worked for us. Our tree lasted from Black Friday to after the New Year!


Wilbert Tree Farm in West Leyden has colored trees already on their Fish Creek Road farm too. Get more details at Wilbert Tree Farm on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Erica Seelman Sawyer

Colored Christmas Trees