The Adirondack Railroad is looking to add a train and rail bike service out of the new northern terminus, Tupper Lake Station.

To add the new service, they need at least one more locomotive and a high-rail truck. They're both necessary to help get safely and efficiently into Tupper Lake.

The rail bed supporting the ties and rails will be rebuilt by installing new ballast material and resurfacing it. It is estimated that about 80,000 new ties will be installed as well. In the oldest and currently unused sections of the corridor, many of the current and deteriorated ties date back to the 1920's and can no longer support a train.

New York State grants will cover the construction costs, but the Adirondack Railroad needs additional funds to purchase the locomotive and truck. A “Go Fund Me” campaign is currently underway to assist in the fundraising effort as an estimated $90,000 is needed for the project. They are currently at 10% of their goal.

This is the train the Adirondack Railroad is attempting to buy.

Adirondack Railroad

The Adirondack Railroad Preservation Society president, Bill Branson, said:

“Plans are already well developed; plans that will create destinations and stops along the line north to Tupper Lake. The names of places such as Beaver River, Brandreth, Nehasane, Sabattis, and Horseshoe will again come alive and rise in the consciousness of people as they are reunited with Adirondack Park legend because of our service."

The expansion and new services mean additional volunteers are needed. For almost 30 years, the Adirondack Railway Preservation Society has been operated and maintained by its volunteers.

Adirondack Railroad

New volunteers must have a love for the railroad’s historical operations and want to play a role in expanding tourism through the Adirondack Park. The railroad is in the process of interviewing people who have an interest in helping grow the Adirondack Railroad. To apply, call the railroad at 315-724-0700

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