Think about how crazy Christmas has become. It seems sometimes we get lost and forget the meaning of the holiday. This random acts of Christmas kidness advent calendar will help out. 

This printable calendar comes from our friends at Coffee Cups and Crayons. It's meant for children, however, I don't see why adults can't follow these too. Here's what you're suppose to do each day during advent:

1st- Give a compliment to a friend.

2nd- Tape change to a vending machine.

3rd- Make a card for a soldier.

4th- Pick up litter in your neighborhood.

5th- Bring coffee to your teacher.

6th- Send a hug made from paper to someone you love.

7th- Tell silly jokes to make someone laugh.

8th- Give someone a hug coupon.

9th- Donate a book to your library or hospital.

10th- Leave a happy note or kidness stone for someone to find.

11th- Do yard word for a neighbor.

12th- Donate outgrown toys to charity.

13th- Leave candy canes on someones car.

14th- Call a faraway relative to say hello.

15th- Make a thank you card for a librarian.

16th- Do a chore for someone in your family.

17th- Donate food to your local food pantry.

18th- Leave a popcorn surprise on a DVD rental machine.

19th- Smile at everyone you see today.

20th- Take supplies to the animal shelter.

21st- Pay for a strangers coffee.

22nd- Give treats to your mail carrier.

23rd- Feed the birds.

24th- Take cookies to the local fire station.