The Jefferson County SPCA is asking for your help in the case of 12 puppies that were apparently left for dead near Gouverneur, NY. reports that the puppies and their mother were found by a woman on the side of Route 11 between Evans Mills and Gouverneur on Sunday afternoon.

The woman saw the mother dog pacing in the middle of the road and when she tried to get the dog in her car to take her to safety, the concerned mother led the woman to the puppies who were tied up in a pillowcase.

The pups were reportedly about a day old and still had their umbilical cords attached.

The dogs are all Rottweiler mixes and were brought to the Jefferson County SPCA by the woman who found them.

The Jefferson County SPCA now has all the dogs in foster care while they stabilize and until they are old enough to be neutered, spayed and adopted.

The folks at the Jefferson County SPCA still need your help to find the person who did this and to get the puppies forever homes.

Anyone who recognizes the dog can report the owner to the Jefferson County Sheriff's office at 315-788-1441. 'Animal Abandonment' can bring charges up to $1,000 or a year in jail.

For more information on the dogs, visit the Jefferson County SPCA website and Facebook page. Donations and adoption applications are also accepted in person at 25056 Water St. in Watertown.

All but one of the puppies survived.


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