The 7th annual Haunted History investigation, Herkimer’s Haunted Crossroads Investigation, will take place on Saturday in Herkimer. One of our special guests is Psychic Carmen Reed. We got to catch up and talk to her about the event, and get to know her a little better.

Aside from being folded in half at birth and coming out upside down, there would appear to be nothing abnormal about Carmen Reed. Her life has recently been portrayed in the box office blockbuster movie, “A Haunting in Connecticut”, a film based on her intuitive abilities and, obviously, a haunted house.

Carmen knew from almost the beginning of her cognitive life that she was special, an “intuitive”; as she could feel when things were about to happen. Her paternal grandmother had the same feelings, so perhaps it was genetic. And even further back is a Cherokee Shaman and an Indian Princess, so perhaps it is more than just a gift.

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