When temperatures hit the single digits and wind chills take it into the dangerous level, even dairy cows kept inside are in danger of health issues, especially in the udder area. Peggy Coffeen, an editor with Agriview offers some tips to keep the milk flowing.

even when kept inside a building, the lack of adequate, dry bedding or windbreaks can lead to freezing. A long walkway from the milking parlor back to pens can also be a danger zone. Among heifer groups, a “sucker” can pose an even greater threat when temperatures drop.

While battling mastitis prevention is a year-long project, it's even more important in frigid temperatures where an outbreak can happen quickly.  Considering a special winter "teat dip" and instead of wiping them dry, use a blotting method rather than rubbing to prevent lesions.  Get more tips on preventing frostbite and freezing.

SOURCE: Agriview

Winter Weather Preparation:

  • Keep your cell phone charged and make sure you know where your backup power supply is.
  • Make sure all your flashlights have fresh batteries.
  • Fill your gas tank. You can use your car to keep warm and recharge devices.
  • Have some food available that you don’t need to cook.
  • Download the STATION App. You’ll receive local alerts, weather reports and more with push notifications.

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