Summer is right around the corner, which means the start of bug season. Here's some 'recipes' to stop them from getting into your home.

Sure, you could spend a bunch of money and buy those 'bug killers' and 'bug defense' products pretty much anywhere, but this trick is a lot cheaper and you don't have to deal with chemicals.

Here's what you do - Head up to Sangertown Square, or one of the many shopping plazas in New Hartford and pick up some essential oils. Here's a little cheat sheet to help you:

Pest Control Chart
Naomi Lynn/TSM

As you can see from the chart, peppermint oil is going to be your biggest defense against bugs, and it's pretty cheap too.

Just mix a few drops of the essential oil with water and put in a little squirt bottle. Spray areas on your house - like around the windows, along the ground-line, and around the door. If there are any cracks or areas you know bugs will probably try to get in, give that area a good spray as well.

You may want to repeat the process every few weeks just to make sure the bugs stay away. This cheap alternative should help you keep your summer bug-free. Enjoy!



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