What Are These Bugs
Have you ever been walking through your apartment and came across one of these hideous creatures? This massive, centipede-looking, freak-show is quick, and creepy. The one thing people have a hard time figuring out however, is what it is exactly. No matter what it's name is, you better kill it …
Deadly Kissing Bugs
A warning has just been issued by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention about the latest health scare. If you find the Kissing Bug aka the Triatomine get to a doctor ASAP.
Bed Bugs in CNY
Pest and termite control company Orkin released a list of the top 50 bed bug cities in the U.S. Several upstate New York locations made the list. Which cities?
Mosquitoes Are In Season
Now that we've got these warmer pre-summer days and nights, the mosquitoes are back in force. I like to sit outside on the deck at night for a bit, but I just don't want to get bit!

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