As if prices at the pumps weren't already high enough in New York, there's a gas tax being proposed that would make costs skyrocket.

The bill, advanced by the Senate Majority, would increase gas prices 55 cents a gallon. Costs to heat your home could jump by as much as 25% too.

The gas tax in New York is currently at 43.12 cents per gallon, the 7th highest in the country, according to the Tax Foundation. California has the honor of the highest gas tax at 62.47 cents. But the proposed bill would shoot the Empire state to the top of the list at 98.12 cents - 57% higher than another state.

“While we must continue to take action to protect our environment, evidence has shown that New York’s emissions have fallen by as much as 95 percent since 1990,” Senator Joe Griffo said in a statement. ""We can continue on this trajectory to reduce our carbon footprint but must remain mindful of the affect that proposals such as this will have on the many New Yorkers who use a vehicle every day and who will be severely punished by this new ‘gas tax'."

Senator Griffo has started Stop the Gas Tax petition and encourages New Yorkers to sign it.

"This will make it even more expensive to commute to work, bring your children to school, take your family out for a day trip and keep your house warm on a cold night. We should be focused on making New York more affordable and stopping the exodus of people, families and businesses from our state and not making it more difficult for New Yorkers to live and do business here."

I don't know why more people are moving out of New York state than any other in the country.

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