Prince Harry's nude romp in Las Vegas isn't sitting well with the British royal family. He's in some hot water for having his crown jewels on display.

TMZ says Harry invited a bunch of girls up to his VIP Suite in Vegas where things got wild with a round of strip pool.  Someone snapped a few shots of Prince Harry, in the buff.  In one shot, he's seen with nothing on, holding his crown jewels.  In another, he's bending over a naked woman.  Oh my!  The pictures reportedly sold for $15,000.

An insider tells Us Weekly, 'This is a mess. This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He's in trouble.' And he's not the only one. 'Protection officers are also in trouble because they could have controlled this,' the source adds.

His royal brother is peeved too. Another source says, 'William was told about the photos. He's not impressed.' Neither were the rest of the royals. They have requested British publications not print or post the photos of Harry in the buff -- and the tabloids have been laying off.  TMZ isn't laying off though.  They've posted the NSFW photos all over their site.

Is this just a case of boys being boys or should Prince Harry be punished?


Source: TMZ, US Magazine

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