If you are traveling to (or from) Buffalo today, you may experience some delays at the airport.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady are traveling to Buffalo today, and if you plan to be at the Buffalo Niagara Airport today, your flight may be affected, so be sure to forward this to whoever is picking you up from the airport.

You may remember…just a little over a month ago, President Joe Biden traveled to Seattle, Washington and left ‘’hundreds of flights delayed’’ while waiting for Air Force One to depart from the Seattle-Tacoma International airport.  

The delays in Seattle last month have some travelers concerned whether or not their flights will be affected on Tuesday. While it is more than probable that you will experience delays at the Buffalo Niagara airport today, it shouldn’t be as severe as the Seattle delays.

One thing to remember about President Joe Biden’s trip to Seattle is that there was a ‘’suspicious vehicle’’ that prevented him from leaving on time, which is why the Secret Service requested that all flights be held until the President could leave.

According to the President’s official schedule, President Joe Biden and the First Lady will depart from Joint Base Andrews en route to Buffalo, New York at approximately 8:30 am, which means that they should arrive to Buffalo Niagara Airport around 9:45 am.

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If you have a flight during this time or within 30 mins of the President’s arrival in Buffalo, you may experience some short delays in the airport to make the path clear for President Joe Biden and the First Lady, though it should be nothing like the delays at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, as that was an unordinary situation.

The President and the First Lady will be in Buffalo for approximately 4.5 hours, and they anticipate that they will depart the Buffalo Niagara International Airport at 2:00 pm.

During this time, flights within 30 minutes to an hour of the President’s departure time may experience delays, as more preparation is involved when it comes to departing an airport, rather than arriving to one.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady plan to arrive back at Joint Base Andrews at 3:05 pm.

One thing to note: we called the Aviation Director of the NFTA to ask if the main pick up area will be closed at all, and he said  that the pick up/drop off zone will not be closed today as a result of the President's arrival.

If you have a flight coming to or leaving from Buffalo today, make sure to double check your flight’s departure time. Even if you have a layover before you arrive to Buffalo, you may still be delayed from flying into the airport. To make sure you don’t miss a flight, double check the times and download the app for your preferred airline.

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