Governor Cuomo has made it official, beginning August 29 possessing marijuana in New York will no longer be a crime. Instead, it will be a violation and you would be assessed a ticket much like improper parking. But can you consume it?

After failing to make pot legal, the Senate and Assembly passed legislation to decriminalize it.  Now with the Governor's signature, you can possess up to two ounces and only be fined. The fine can be up to $250 if you have been cited on three or more occasions within 3 years.

The bill also calls for procedures to be established removing the criminal aspect of marijuana possession from anyone's past record. Marijuana would also be added to the definition of smoking in the health laws to prevent anyone from smoking it any place where other forms of smoking are prohibited.

An interesting take on the bill from New York the legislation allows for the possession of marijuana, it doesn's address consumption of it, (smoking or eating), growing it, selling it, or buying it. So the question becomes how would you possess pot and why would you?

Read more on their takeaway on the bill online and read the bill in entirety at the State Senate's web site.

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