Got pets that loves to ruin your Christmas tree? Try something different and put it on the ceiling.

Portal Christmas trees are trending with pet owners this year with the bottom of the tree  on the ceiling and the top coming out of the floor, the ceiling or even another room.  Now the dog, cat, fox or whatever nosy pet you have, can't knock everything over.

No more ornaments all over the floor from your cat batting them around like a play toy.

No more coming home to a tipped over tree that the dog could be just as responsible as the cat for.

The Portal Christmas tree also works for anyone who just doesn't have enough room to put one up. Half on the ceiling, half on a table.

Or try the ceiling and wall combination....

Or the wall and floor combo...

And if you have a small home AND pets....seems like a no brainer.

The tree is meant to look like it's going through a portal and it actually started a few years ago. The idea caught on with pet owners who wanted to keep them out of the tree, whether they were a sci-fi fan or not.

Will it catch on at your house?




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