A popular website called "America Unraveled," recently praised Utica for its delicious food, one of a kind heritage, and its rich history. 

America Unraveled is a website that features beautiful cities from all over the country. The site spotlights destinations that intrigue, and entice the curious traveler, and pique the interest of people from all walks of life.

Recently, the site published an article about Utica called: "Utica: The Oasis of the New York State Thruway." The author paints our city in a positive light, and praises our rich cultural history, beautiful canal side views, and welcoming tourist attractions like : Munson- Williams-Proctor- Art Institute, the Utica Zoo, and the Oneida County Historical Society.

America Unraveled also talks up Union Station, and F.X. Matt Brewery.  According to their website, they also had this to say:

If you’re looking for a great vacation or just a respite from travel, you’re going to enjoy the riverside city of Utica. The city abounds with good restaurants and places to stay.  You may even decide to visit for a few days and enjoy the surrounding amenities.

Isn't it great to see an uplifting article about Utica for a change? To read it in its entirety click HERE.


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