If being frightened is your thing, Cayo Industrial is your next destination for Halloween.  The 'Warehouse of Horror' has three times the terror this year, all in one location.  Biotech and Biowar are back, but there's a new realm called 'Revelation.' 

I took my daugher and her boyfriend Friday night and we walked through all three attractions.  Biowar seemed to be the longest one, but maybe it was because it was the first one we went through, and I had to lead the way.  Being the first one is never good.  You're the one doing all the screaming.  All three realms have great special effects and monsters at every turn.  I can't imagine how many people it takes to run all three each night.  And a number of the people/monsters are fantastic at what they do.  They get into character so well, some are worthy of a 'horror award' of some kind. 

Listen to the three of us going through Biowar.  That high pitched squeal you hear is my daughter, not me.  OK maybe it's me :)

Cayo Industrial on 811 Broad Street in Utica is open October 27th through Halloween, from 6:30pm until 10:30 or later.  You can do one realm for $10 or all three for $23, if your heart can take it. 

Its a great place to take a date.  Girls will cling to their dates in terror every time.

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