Are you a master gardener or are you more like me and have a brown thumb?  I've tried to grow a number of things over the years with little success.  I even bought a bonsai tree, that are suppose to live forever.  Nope, killed that too. But, if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Saturday I was at Alcott's Garden Center in Waterville where there were so many beautiful flowers, including roses in every color.  There was one that kept calling my name because it was such a unique color.  I wanted to plant them but knew I'd just kill them.  After talking with Brad at Alcott's on how to care for roses, it didn't sound that hard.  Plant the flowers. Check.  Cover with soil. Check.  Sprinkle with plant food.  Check.  The trick now is to remember the plant food in 3 weeks. But even if I kill the roses, like I've killed every thing else, I'm already ahead.  The bush, soil, plant food and watering can cost less than a dozen roses at a florist.  And these should keep coming back if I remember to trim them, or so says Brad at Alcott's.  If these roses manage to make it longer than a few weeks, I may go back and get more.

With Mother's Day this Sunday, a rose bush may be the perfect gift for flower loving mothers.  Follow Brad's tips, plant it for mom and she should have roses until September.  And Brad says they'll re-bloom next year.  It's the gift that keeps giving.

Check out pictures from our broadcast at Alcott's Saturday.  Even if mom isn't a rose fan, you can find any flower under the sun.  They even have trees, herbs, vegetables and everything else you'll need to beautify mom's yard.

Show off your gardening skills.  Send us pictures of your yard and we'll post the best shots on our site.  Email  And if you have any gardening tips, I'm all ears.