I remember a saying from some class in high school, "the best laid plans of mice and men are often...", something. That's all I remember after all, it was a long time ago. It happened to Polly when a package arrived unexpectedly.

It was the usual Sunday at our house, Polly was embedded on the couch trying to watch every NFL game at once. From the man cave I heard a vehicle opening and closing doors. I looked out and it was one of those Post Office trucks in front of our house. The dog didn't bark and there was no knock at the door, so I went to investigate.

I found a package on the front deck, opened the door and pulled it inside. It would have never passed through security as it was buzzing like it was full of bees. Polly looked at me and yelled, "Get out of that!" I didn't open it, but it could only be a couple of things this time of the year, even if she does deny it.

Ever have a surprise ruined by the package delivery? Or get a package that seemed to be alive?


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