Most of us have been in an accident or two. Unfortunately, I've been in more than I like to count. When I was young, I shouldn't have been given a license. I ran into a cow, a cop car, a flower pot, a pole, a Porches, a Driver's Ed car where it was the driver's first day behind the wheel. But I've never had an accident like I did recently. I ran into a car while driving a golf cart!

As I was driving the cart from the club house to our car to load up the clubs, another car was pulling into the parking lot, that I didn't' see. I ran right into the side of it. Luckily no one was injured and there was no damage to the cart and very minimal to the car.

Thankfully, Tom who owned the car, was very nice about the unfortunate situation, accepting my apologies. We even let him and his partner golf first when they arrived at the tee box after us. No sense having him golf behind us where he could hit into us if he still held a grudge. Before leaving, Tom and I even hugged it out inside the club house.

Thanks Tom for being such a gentleman. Again, sorry for running into your 'baby.'

What have you run into?

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