The kids may want to eat that Halloween candy before they get home from trick or treating, but make sure you check it first. Police are warning parents of methamphetamine pills that look like candy.

"These pills are stamped and resembled to look like specific candies," writes the Dublin Police Department on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Dublin Police Department
Photo Credit: Dublin Police Department

It's good to know what to keep an eye out for. These pills look a LOT like candy and could go unnoticed. Although the pills have shown up in Georgia, police are warning ALL parents to check your child's candy.

If you notice anything unusual, call your local police department or 911.

When we were kids, we went trick or treating unsupervised until the sun went down. By the time we'd get home, we were on a sugar high from all the candy we'd already eaten, some before it even hit the bottom of the bucket, or pillow case in my case.

Today, parents are more vigilant on Halloween, accompanying children door to door and keeping a close eye on candy that could be dangerous.

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