A pair of poachers have to answer nearly a dozen tickets after being caught hunting illegally in New York.

Two hunters were reportedly shooting at a group of geese from the side of the road in Seneca County.

A Forest Ranger from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation witnessed one of the shooters jump from a vehicle, pick up one of the dead geese, and leave three others to die in the field.

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Photo Credit - Stacy Brown
Photo Credit - Stacy Brown

Witness Leads Investigator to Hunters

An investigation into the vehicle's license plate and description from a witness led police to Cayuga County where one of the hunters admitted to shooting geese from a vehicle with a semi-automatic shotgun.

The gun had a tube extension that could hold more than six rounds, which is illegal.

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hunters illegally shoot geese
Credit - NYS DEC

10 Tickets Issued for Poaching

Both hunters were issued 10 tickets for illegally poaching geese.

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Wanton waste
Possessing a loaded gun in a motor vehicle
Discharging a firearm across a public highway
Illegally taking wildlife from a motor vehicle
Discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling
Failure to carry a migratory bird stamp
Prohibited use of a semi-automatic shotgun holding more than six rounds

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