Grocery stores in central New York are doing everything they can to protect customers and employees during the coronavirus crisis. Plexiglass guards are being installed at checkouts for an added level of safety.

Walmart and Sam's Club has started installing plexiglass barriers in the pharmacy lanes and at the regular Walmart registers.

"Staying safe and healthy is more important than ever for our associates, our customers and for us," said Dacona Smith, Walmart Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Installing these barriers is another way Walmart is helping bring peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep our people and our stores safe."

Several central New York grocery stores are following suit, including Wegman's, Costco and Hannaford.

"We are continuously looking at way's we can keep our guests and teammates safe," said David Provancher, New Hartford Price Chopper store manager. "Plexiglass sneeze guards, how to handle cash and other precautions are being discussed at the corporate level daily."

It's not just in central New York either. Stores across the country are installing the sneeze guards to stop the spread.

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