Just a few days after New York's 1st hemp farm is announced, comes word of an even larger one. A family member of a medical equipment company in Skaneateles is returning home to start the business.

The story first reported by Syracuse.com has Joshua Allyn returning to his hometown of Skaneateles to farm hemp. He's the great-grandson of the man who started Welch Allyn a medical equipment company.

Allyn told the website the farm would start with a 10-acre crop with expansion plans to 250-acres of industrial grade hemp. He plans to sell the crop to a company processing hemp into CBD oil. Here's more on his plans.

The news comes on the heels of Minard's Family Farm in Clintondale announcing they had planted hemp and would begin processing and distribution in 2020. They also plan to offer educational tours this fall.

Thinking hemp could be a potential crop on your farm? New York has $10 million in grant funding to advance industrial hemp research and economic development. Get applications and more info at the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets' website.  You can also get more info by calling (877) 249-6841 or email IndustrialHempNYS@agriculture.ny.gov.

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