Argh! Pirate Days is sunk for 2020 in Alexandria Bay. Buskers in the Bay is also going away summer due the coronavirus pandemic.

Buskers in the Bay in July and Pirate Days in August both rely on performers from out of state. "The ever-changing travel restrictions, lack of talent and the inability to ensure the safety of all involved has rendered it impossible to host these events with the integrity they deserve," said the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The Pirate Days committee has been keeping an eye on COVID-19 and how it would impact the weekend that brings visitors in from all over the world. "For all of our 38 years, public safety has always been job one and protecting our Village and our visitors is of the utmost importance," said Alex Mosher, Pirate Days Chairperson. "The Governor's data is of interest in our decision making, but the Pirate committee is of one mind making a no tolerance decision to not contribute to this public health pandemic."

Pirate Days participants including the sword fighting group, the Infantry Redcoat group, and the Brigantine Tall Ship group have all cancelled Summer events.

In addition to the threat of COVID-19, the closure at the U.S./Canadian border until at least July 21st would limit visitors and entertainers attending the Buskers in the Bay event. If it's extended it would also affect Pirate Days.

"The Pirate committee shares the region's disappointment, and is already looking forward to a stellar swashbuckling event in August of 2021," said Mosher.

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