Officials in the Village of Phoenix are warning residents to be aware of people coming to your door claiming to represent an energy company. 

According to a Facebook post from Phoenix Police, 3 people have been in the village going door-to-door claiming to be from IDT Energy.

The solicitors do not have a permit to solicit for IDT energy, and after police spoke with IDT, it was discovered that IDT does not even have anyone authorized to solicit for them in New York State.

Phoenix police say they have arrested one of the solicitors, but are warning citizens - especially senior citizens - to be cautious of anyone coming to your door.

They also suggest safeguarding your information, and say if you or anyone you know is approached to call 911 immediately.

If you are ever approached by anyone who is asking for your personal information(financial, personal records, social security numbers etc.), do not give them the info, lock your doors and call your local police.


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