Next time I have a bad hole on the golf course, I'll think of PGA golfer Kevin Na.  He managed to shoot a 16 on a par 4 hole at the Valero Texas open over the weekend.  On my worst day, I don't think I've ever had that many strokes on one hole.  Not ever on a par 5 with a bad tee shot and losing a ball in the water hazard.  My dad, who is one of the worst golfers to ever hit a course hasn't even had that many strokes.  Watch how a pro managed to rack up that many shots.  Maybe next time you're having a bad hole, you won't feel so bad.

It reminds me of the scene in the Kevin Costner movie "Tin Cup," where Costner hits ball after ball, trying to go over the water on 18.  At least he finally gets it in the cup with his last ball.  Only in the movies