Long before he became known for his roles on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars, Penn Jillette was a half of the Penn and Teller comedy and magic act.  An act that has played for more than 10 years in Vegas, toured the world and has sold out Broadway shows.  On an interview tour to promote his new book, "Everyday Is An Atheist Holiday," Penn offers some insight into their act, Donald Trump, The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars.

Penn Jillette The Magician

If you've never seen the Penn and Teller comedy and magic act, they don't do the usual card tricks nor do they pull any rabbits out of hats.  Penn calls it "magic for people who hate magic."  At the conclusion of their trick, they usually show you how it's done as with the ball and cups bit.

Many of their performances will also involve Teller, who never speaks, to be involved in some sort of peril. Penn, says since he has to do all the talking, Teller must be the guy in the water tank.  This video may not be suitable for work with a couple of curse words.

Penn Jillette The TV Star

In more recent times, Penn has stepped out with some of his own endeavors, appearing on two versions of Celeberity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars.  There was little hiding the fact that Penn and Clay Aiken didn't get along on the show, evidenced by Penn's music video called "Clay AIken" and in a recent New York Times article where he ripped "The Donald."

Penn Jillette The Dancer

As for Dancing With the Stars, Penn says he'd do it again, but no one wants to watch Sasquatch dance, refering to his 6'6" stature.

Penn Jillette The Author

Penn, a self proclaimed aethiest, libertarian and skeptic, has written his second book, "Everyday is an Atheist Holiday."  The book is about more than just his "non-beliefs," it contains inside the Celeberity Apprentice boardroom, fellow contestants on the show and some of the inside tricks from the Penn and Teller show.  You can purchase it here.  Check out our exclusive interview with Penn below.

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