Utica, NY is known for many things including great food and amazing beer. One of things that our city is also known for, but is usually never recognized, is the work done for refugees from all over the world. PBS News Hour took notice of this and decided to come to town.

In their segment they spoke with Mayor Rob Palmieri about whether or not he would continue to allow refugees in and what the already existing population has done for the economy. Here is a brief summary of the segment from the PBS News Hour website.

In the midst of a campaign season filled with anti-migrant rhetoric, the once-downtrodden town of Utica in upstate New York has been more welcoming; one out of every four citizens there is a refugee. But Utica’s commitment to resettlement isn’t purely humanitarian -- its open door policy is also a pioneering economic tool for revitalizing the Rust Belt. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.

Any time that Utica is painted in a positive light, it's a win. There are so many things that make Utica unique and our acceptance and embrace of multiple cultures is definitely on top of the list. You can watch the segment on Utica starting at the 14:50 mark.

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