Is it me, or do we have to store too much trivial information in our heads these days? Just about every place you work, you need a user name and password to get into your company computer system, and then they notify you to change those passwords in 15 days or else you're out of the system! Just when I finally remembered my password without looking at the paper I keep in my wallet.

Now, due to identity theft, many banks have upped the ante. My bank now wants a code, my social security number and my license with photo ID to make a transaction.

It was a lot easier years ago, when the bank teller knew you who you were by your face and name, and the only password you cared about was the TV gameshow "Password", hosted by Allen Ludden (Betty White's late husband).

So let's see, we have user names, passwords, codes, photo IDs, and let's not forget your mother's maiden name so they know that you're really you! What's next? Fingerprints, voice prints and a retina scan? Uh-oh, I hope I didn't give them any new ideas.