Add Camden to the list of schools addressing gun threats. A concerned parent shared a letter sent home to all parents of high school students about a "student's written statement regarding bring a gun to school."

"I was very upset to read this," says the parent, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The gun threat was made on Monday, February 12th and police were called in. An interview with the student revealed "there was no credible threat towards any person. Consequences have been assigned to the student."

Provided photo
Provided photo

The parent says the letter sparked concerns over future security measures at the school. "The students have practice lock down drills, but they have not discussed with the kids what to do as far as using desks as barricades or putting those special locks on the doors. They need to come up with something better. This is extremely disturbing in more ways than one. We can't stop what is happening but we can certainly teach our children to be aware and try to prepare them."

The recent school shootings around the country has parents on high alert. "I may be overreacting but these are my children and this is the type of society that we live in today."

We reached out to Camden High School Principal Christopher Centner but have yet to hear back.


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