If you're looking for a paranormal experience here in Central New York, look no further than Hyde Hall in Cooperstown. Part of the “Best of the Summer Hauntings Vignettes”, you'll be able to explore and learn all the history.

Hyde Hall mansion is a National Historic Landmark and a New York State Historic Site. It's been mostly restored and filled with original furnishings from 1817-1835. Hyde Hall was conceived and constructed by George Clarke starting in 1817. It's said that he still haunts the grounds today.

Visitors experience knocking, footsteps, distant music, and even full-body apparitions. The building was featured on the Syfy network’s "Ghost Hunters" on October 30, 2013, Halloween Eve. Each team member that night had spooky experiences hearing footsteps and doors slamming.

At one point, a mass blocked an infrared camera in one of the bedrooms. When Amy and Adam noticed it from the command center, they sent Jason and Steve to check it out. As the guys arrived, the shadow darted away and the infrared light was visible again. Out in the crypt, Steve is nauseated when he peeks into a grave and sees a body. Amy and Adam get chills when they see a solid mass move by them in an upstairs hallway. And Jason and Steve are taunted by whistling noises upstairs. So many personal experiences!"

Enjoy the series on July 25th, August 1st, and August 8th with three showings each day at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Reservations are required. Please call 607-547-5098 ext. 6 for tickets and to reserve.



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