When locally grown vegetables start to the hit market, you'll find Polly at the head of the line for sweet corn.  You'll find me hanging out in the peaches line.  Now there's no more waiting in line with the Community Supported Agriculture program through the Oneida Country Public Market.     

Community Supported Agriculture is a coalition of local growers and producers who will take your orders now and deliver the products during the growing season.  You become a CSA member by "purchasing a share of the produce to be grown in the upcoming season usually mid-June through October.

Once the produce is completed growing, arrangements are be made to get your goodies. In most cases the farmer will either deliver your share to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood or it can be picked up at the farm.

By making your purchase up front, the grower can plan for how much product will be needed.  It also provides the funds needed for seed purchase, equipment repairs and hiring workers if needed.

The Oneida County Public Market's website has more details and a list of participating farms.  Or you can email: info@oneidacountymarket.com

SOURCE:Cornell Cooperative Extension - Beth Irons


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