Every year Bassmaster ranks the top 100 lakes for bass fishing in the United States. There were several lakes in New York that made the list including one right her in Central New York. That lake is Oneida Lake. Coming in at #41 the almost 80 square mile lake has been on the top 100 list for at least the past 2 years. It has fallen back considerably in rank since 2012, when it was ranked #14, however top 50 is not bad.

According to the Bassmaster Rankings article it states this about Oneida Lake,

Although this lake isn’t at its best right now, you still have to average 18 pounds in a multiday tourney to reach the top spot.

Other New York State Lakes To Rank In The Top 100 Include:

  • Chautauqua Lake - #86
  • The Thousand Islands/St. Lawrence River - #11
  • Lake Erie, Buffalo - #3