Great news if you're in an emergency where you can't call 911. Most Oneida County residents are now able to send a text to 911. 

WIBX is reporting that so far, only AT&T and Verizon cell phones are hooked into this texting system. Here's a couple things to remember that the Utica OD pointed out:

- You can’t sent a photo or video to the 911 center, even though you are able to text such images to your friends. Do not attempt to send such images to 911 or your message might not make it through.

- Do not put emoticons in your 911 text. That might also lead the message to be blocked by the system.

- Only text 911 in an emergency. The same rules hold true for texting as for calling the emergency dispatchers."

Remember, you're still able to call 911 for any emergency as well.