Tis the season for scammers to try and take all of your money. Here in Central New York, the Oneida County Sheriff's Office is currently warning the public on a National Grid Scam.

First off, the scam is being run by National Grid. It's being run by scammers trying to make a quick buck off of you pretending to be National Grid. The Oneida County Sheriff's office is currently investigating a complaint from a local business regarding the scam. They shared the news via Facebook:

The owner of the business reported that if he did not pay over $900 via "Money Pack - Express Cards" within an hour, the business's power would be shut off. The owner immediately suspected a scam and googled the number (1-877-474-1121) which returned several results stating this number is linked to a scam. The victim reported that the male caller sounded legitimate and was even able to tell of the nearest stores that offer the Express Cards.

National Grid did verify the calls were indeed a scam and not them. They will never demand payment from you. Watch out for this number calling your phone this holiday season.


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