Anyone who has experienced the death of a pet knows it can be as hard as losing a family member. Imagine how hard it must be when your pet is also your work partner.  Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Osika is experiencing those feelings with the passing of K9 Cero.

Osika and Cero worked together for 10 years, before the K9's recent retirement. Cero was trained in patrol work and explosive detection. The two were part of the security team for the Boilermaker Road Race, America’s Greatest Heart Run, and the Ride for Missing & Exploited Children.

The deputy and K9 were also a tracking team; finding lost children, elderly people, hunters, and criminal suspects fleeing crime scenes. The Sheriff's Department shared the news on their Facebook page, adding K9 Cero will be greatly missed by Deputy Osika & his family along with the members of the Sheriff’s Office.

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